A campaign organized by the HCGM Fundraising Committee
Annual Lottery


A long-standing tradition within the Hellenic Community of Montreal for the past X years, our Annual Lottery has raised significant funds for our trilingual day school and our supplementary education schools.  


The success of this initiative depends largely on the tireless work of our volunteers and committee members who sell 2,000 tickets every year.  For this year’s lottery, our goal is to sell triple the number of tickets, but at $50 each. With odds like these, your chances to win are still among the best!


Our 2021 Annual Lottery tickets will soon be available for purchase. For a mere $50 a ticket, you get a chance to win one of our cash prizes and our schools get your support!


Please note: A tax receipt CANNOT be issued for the purchase of lottery tickets.


1 person has registered for Lottery Ticket.
Constance Karvelas