A campaign organized by the HCGM Fundraising Committee
Radio Marathon


The HCGM Fundraising Committee organizes an annual Radio Marathon hosted by local Greek radio stations to raise funds for our schools but also to actively communicate with and engage our fellow Hellenes.


During the Radiothon, pledges are received from individuals, businesses, and community groups. The members of the Fundraising Committee take this opportunity to inform the public about our ongoing and completed initiatives and projects. There are interviews with prominent figures in our community who share our vision, as well as members of the HCGM Board of Directors and the staff, parents, past graduates and current students of our schools.


The 2021 Radiothon, held on Saturday, May 29, was supported unanimously by all Greek Media: Radio, TV, and Newspapers.  The event surpassed its initial $200,000 goal, and with the continued support of the public, we collected $275,000 in secured pledges. 


Photo Gallery from 2021 Radio Marathon